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I just wanted to document this for my own records. I looked at a lot of laptops. The first one I bought was a open box Samsung NP5204C-A01UB but it was $600, so I returned it, feeling like that was too much for me, especially since I thought I wanted a touch screen at the time.

So I started to look for a touch screen machine. I waffled in the store for 30 minutes before buying the Acer V5-571P-6648 (I think) on clearance for $550ish. Got linux installed (after disabling the new boot) but didn't get as far as fighting with windows 8 and grub before I decided it was physically too big and that windows 8 was already too much of a pain. And returned it.

I decided I like the first one, if it had windows 7. Amazon had a used one for $530, but I decided, since I'd already returned two laptops that I should sleep on it. When I woke, the price had jumped to $600.

Then I ordered a Samsung 530U4B. Basically the same machine as I first got but win 7 and a little worse hardware (graphics, memory, processor) for $450. The person instead sent me a NP-QX411-A01UB which I returned (almost didn't just so this could be over). He did not have the correct item in stock.

This is the point where this became an unhealthy quest for me.

Deciding that maybe I didn't want the low graphics card, I decided to expand my search back out beyond the Samsung series 5. I found the series 7 had a higher resolution screen as well as pretty darn good hardware. So I ebay ordered a NP700Z3AH Not quite as "sexy" as a the series 5 and it weighed another .5 more, but it had better hardware and a competitive price.

The seller cancelled the purchase. At least this time there was no shipping involved.

So now I'm waiting for my second ebay order for a NP700Z3A-S03US. I have a tracking number. Here's hoping this is the end of this quest.
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