Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

A few things

I've been wishing that I would use lj more, or just journal for real more often. I've found that having a record of things was nice to figure out when certain things happened. I'm a little sad that I use facebook so much.

I bought a hands free device for my car as part of my birthmonth gift to myself, a jabra journey. I need to get voice dialing with out internet working, which turns out to be not that common or easy on a an android phone. I have to get up the courage to try a $3 app to see what it will do. The reason I need courage is all the free apps I tried didn't work for me.

Taiko has been very fun, though tough. I've had to pick up even more responsibilities (hopefully only temporarily.) I love teaching, though lately I've always been sick or tired, which isn't so do. I love school shows (Thank goodness to Jasmine who has stepped up to be my school show partner.) And I still get tickled at being a paid musician.

I played the ebay game and have a google nexus 10 on the way, which means I'll be selling my lonovo K1 after I make sure I have the data I need off of it.

The new house continues to be great. So far no horrible surprises. I'm trying to finally get an electrician in to make enough outlets that I can set up my shop properly. We're also waiting on the tub specialist to get the tub leak fixed (I couldn't fix it myself.) I keep thinking back to all the things that had to go right and feel very lucky.

I don't think I'll have a birthmonth party this year, but I'll likely have a lunch in Somerville. Leave a comment if you'd definitely like to get an invite.

I've been playing this PvP FPS called blacklight retribution and I absolutely love it. There's nothing too ground breaking (other than wall backs are part of the game), but it's polish is very nice. It had very nice balance between the gear choices, tight, well designed maps, a nice variety of games types and some very fun items (like the turret, katana and hardsuit.) They also have this very clean rental system that is more about choice (do you want to be tough or fast? do you want to snipe or rush in?) than anyone having a clear advantage by having bought gear. Recently I played with someone who had purchaced the "airplane" taunt which makes your put your arms out and make airplane mouth noises. She would start every match like this, running off, going brrrrrr. I love video games that don't take themselves too seriously. I also like that this video game has some elements that keep you feeling like you're playing a game. There is an EMP grenade that causes you to fake-blue screen and then gives reinitializing messages before you get your visuals back.

I continue to play WoW, but I'm a bit burned out on it, except for raiding, because my raiding group is awesome. They're the perfect blend of serious enough to get progression, but relaxed enough that we care about the fun more than anything else.

This have mostly been going well for me, but not for many of the people around me, so I wish them all the best.
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