Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

PBAP, samsung and jabra

I'm posting this mostly in hopes that if someone else has this problem, they'll find this post. I got a jabra journey, a car handsfree device that is supposed to get the contact from the phone via PBAP and then say the name of the caller. This wasn't working correctly and I checked the Internet and found lots of advice about how samsung hadn't implemented PBAP correctly, I tried some of the fixes but nothing seemed to work. Then I found a page that said:

"Make sure there is a phone icon next to the contact."

So I made a new contact with a phone icon and suddenly it worked! Then I needed a way to get them all to have phone icons and another person suggested exporting all contacts to the SD card and importing them back to the phone, which also seems to have worked. If I press "merge with google" all the phone icons go away.

Now to play more with internetless voice dailing and try to get that working too.
Tags: cell phone, consume

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