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On the theory that my neck is taking too long to heal because the futon's horrible ergonomics is aggrivating it, I went and bought an office chair and if this helps things I'll buy a proper desk. I went to staples, not releishign another doomed shopping quest (my quest to replace my $8 sandles went miserably and went on for house and my quest for a new tent for baitcon isn't going well, despite even some heroic efforts of a friend.) But I walked in, without looking at prices, and sat in the first thing that appealed to me. I loved it instantly, looked at the price, and while not cheap, it was on the lower end of office chairs, and it was on sale. I sat in all the other chairs that had mesh backs and didn't like any of them better, even the $400 ones. The guy was nice and even though my $50 chair coupon didn't work (it was for non-sale items) he gave me two 20% coupons (one for the chair and one for a master/slave power strip.

I got this: a staples Hyken chair.

Sitting in it as I type this. We'll see how it is longer term. Since it's a neck issue that's caused me to buy it, I kind of like the neck rest.
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