Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Life update summary

Just some quick notes:

Got booed for the first time while playing taiko.

Bought a camera helicopter to inspect my gutters:

got a peg board for the new house and remembered the joy of peg board organization.

In a little over a week, I am going to Cedar Point for the first time in about 14 years.

Nate was sick with some urinary tract issue that the vet couldn't explain. Izzy got sick with some kind of horrible skin issue (oozing sores) that the vet also couldn't explain. Both of them seem to have gotten better.

I'm trying to figure out a better title for my taiko job than "head instructor" and "YA Cast." I have also been leanding practices more often too, so I'd like the title to indicate that. People have told me that any reasonable title would likely be acceptable. I don't like things like "Education Director" or "Director of Enrichment."

A while back I watched netflix's orginal series "Hemlock Grove" and really liked it, though it's really really weird and strange and a little bit gory, so I can't recommend it to everyone.

I tried a desk and a chair for my neck, but it just made my legs hurt and gave me RSI. My neck is slowly recovering, it has good days and bad days. I decided to experiment and bought a $40 pillow and... sadly... I really really like it.

I really like the new house a lot. I like walking to the store, I like looking at the pond when I drive to the end of the shared drive. I finally put the wheels on my kayak cart in hopes that I might take the kayak out tomorrow, but one was flat and I couldn't inflate it with the bicycle pump for some reason.

I want to find out if my knees can bike again. I would love to bike around the neighborhood. I might rent one of those new city bike things to give it a try next time I drive into town.

I tried some calorie counting again and found out I really was over eating (in the past this wasn't the case), but calorie counting drives me batty, so I need to figure something out about how to eat better.

I tried the kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi place in china town. It was ok. I liked this thing with mango:

I've been learning how to rehead drums. I've been enjoying it, except that my failures will last a very long time and I'm getting a little tired of the smell of the hide. (My hands are also cracking from too much hand washing.)

Spiders with raindrop hats!

Taiko is a lot of work, emotionally up and down, physically good and bad, but I still love it! I can't belive this is where my life took me.

I think that's a good stab for now! I need to post here more often. Facebook isn't a good medium for actually remembering things.
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