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Someone I am is waiting for my courage

printers: kick you to the street, HP

I've hated my HP printer for a long time.  It seems to be always out of ink, weather I use it or not.   The windows software is HUGE and rude.   The only reason I got an HP was because at the time it was what played best with linux.  Before that I had cannons which I loved.   I've been thinking of replacing the HP for a while now.

Yesterday it stopped printing black.  HP said, "it's likely the print head" and didn't really help me beyond that, but suggested I try to exachange my open ink at staples.   I decided this was what I needed to finally get rid of it.  I bought a low end brother because the middle end one had a great review and I though the low end one looked nicer.  I'm wondering if I should have gotten the middle end one.  I already like the way the ink interfaces with the printer better.

It took a little bit of time to get the printer and scanner to work with linux but most of that time was spent not understanding that it wanted my ubuntu password on the cups web interface.   So it works and we'll just see if the staples guy is completely wrong.  (He said, "well if you hate HP, you'll hate Brother even more.")

For the record, I got a MFC-J430W on clearance and 15% off for about $64.  The one with the great reviews was the MFC-J4510DW which is listed at $130.
Tags: consume, hp, hp sucks, printers, staples

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