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harp-ie harp harp

So I have a problem. I might be adicted to new musical instruments.

I also have another problem. I never get good at anything. I mean REALLY good at it. (These two things might be related.) So I decided that I should try to find a unique instrument that could be fun to watch even if I'm just ok at it. So I googled around and found out that there were electric harps! So I started to research and the harpsicle is an affordable, but decent sounding accoustic/electric harp.

I was going to hold off to save up for it for a few months, but I got some Christmas money. So I got it earlier.

BTW, while I was doing this I found out that Guitar Center now owns musician's friend, music123 and woodwood and brasswind and in fact, despite what you might find on line, many of the people in the call center work for more than one of the above companies.

But anyway, back to the harp! I decided to get the bigger grand harpsicle, I'm glad I did, since I like low notes. I'm pretty happy so far. I can play single note melodies fairly easily, but harmonies and my left hand dexterity might take a long while.

I got a used one and musician's friend forgot a few things (though they were also polite about replacing some of the missing items). The maker, Rees harps, however has been SUPER nice to me in making sure I have all the parts I need. Their customer service is superb!

Oh, and then I find out that one of the few notable electric harpists lives in Arlington! So I'm not even that unique, but that's ok because the harp is awesome and I wait to get good enough to start playing with distortion and effects.

People on facebook pursuaded me that I should dress up to take a photo shoot with the harp.

Full set (the camera went out of focus on the set where I was smiling. I really did take some.)

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