Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

jawbone up and faiture rate

I got a used Jawbone Up from Amazon Warehouse.

It won't hold a charge.

Instead of returning it, I decided to talk to Jawbone customer service. They're sending a new one.

I've started to read the horror stories about this device. Apparenly this is a common problem, a very common problem, to the point that some people on the forums are on their 9th return. Of course the internet has no real data on the actual failure rate. However, there are more 1 start reviews on amazon than 5 stars. However it's not much better for the other fitness bands (with the exception of the fitbit one.)

So I should likely wait for the replacement, but my logic is screaming that I should return this while I still can and not enter the nightmare world which is Jawbone Up.

Except one problem: for the hour that I got to use it before the battery died on me, I already really like it... a lot, and none of the other bands quite have the features I want (and also have horrible reviews) and I really like how it sits on my wrist in such a way I can move it up my arm for typing.

Do I follow my brain and run screaming, or go down this rabbit hole of having a device that I like but will likely need to be replaced every three months by the company and eventually they might decide that my warranty is up?
Tags: consume, fail, fitness

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