Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

A weelend of waiting

This is dull, but I wanted to document it.

First I waited for the Elder Scrolls Online beta to download, which took all Friday. Then it crashed a lot, so I thought it was finally time to install windows 7, except you can upgrade from XP to 7. So I backed my machine up which took most of the day, in no part helped by me deciding it was finally time to burn the DVDs that I've been supposed to burn since December (Which also took a long time to process), but he backup disk filled, so I tried to clear out one of the backups to make space, but then everything seemed a little off. I left it over night to complete and was all ready to install windows 7, which when booted from the CD took forever (more waiting) which is then when it told me I had to boot to XP to upgrade, but you can't upgrade from XP, so I decided to check the backup before cloning my SSD to my old disk and noticed that the backup was incomplete, so I blew away EVERYTHING on the backup disk that might have my name on it and now I'm waiting for a new backup to complete, before waiting for the disk to clone, before waiting for windows 7 to install. Of course the ESO beta ends tonight. Somewhere in there I also updated my graphics drivers, reinstalled the backup software a few times (because it was throwing weird errors) and waited for video to copy off my camera on to my machine.

Oh and sometime tonight, my email is going to get moved so tomorrow I have to make sure to set all my clients to the right options.

In other news, I think I might know what guitar multi-effects pedal I want, but I might not be able to get a used one for the price I want.
Tags: computers, computers are evil, elder scrolls online, eso, waiting

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