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I'm tired of being fat (though this is nothing new.)

I realize this is a poor motivation for exercise since weight loss is a lost cause but good health is not, but I'll take what I can get.

I've been using the Zumba kinect games (not the first one because it's horrible) and they seem to be good for improving my general well being (getting the kinks out, getting some good circulation) but not really for weight loss or high cardio.

A lot of my friends are running now. Someone said some people find it meditative. I need to meditate more, it's good for my brain. So I bought some fancy shoes that have been staring at me for a few weeks while I waited to get over this cough and for the weather to not threaten to be horrible enough to be an excuse to break any regime I got started. (They are extremely cool shoes designed to have impact protection, but then feel like a flat shoe for the take off, which should be perfect for me since I am most comfortable in flat shoes, but weight enough I need some sort of impact protection. They call them "clouds.") To keep the price down and to have the option to return them, I had to get a color I hate, but that's ok. They're bright enough they catch my attention and say, "hey, we want to go running, don't you?"

I decided to try one of the c25k programs. After hearing crs rant about the brokenness of runkeeper, I went with rundouble.

I didn't find running meditative at all. I think I would be in so much better shape if exercise didn't make me feel horrible. If I got any short term boon.

I am in better shape than my horrific memory form middle school when the whole gym class was waiting for me to finish my 20 minute mile.

I do really like the rundouble data and the updates and being told when to run and when to walk. I think the numbers might be good motivation for me. Here's my little chart. Nothing to write home about, but at least I got out there and I did at least jog for all my 1 minute intervals.

I like the shoes, though they got a little sweaty despite they're super airy tops and I kind wish they were a touch springier, but that might also be that I was too tired to use the form that youtube suggested was correct (more on my toe, so I'm more springy.)

Let's hope I keep up with the program. I need something to get me into shape.
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