Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

launchpad and the solo muscian

Just got back from Canada, where I asked my brother-in-law about noodling, but sadly he said that what made him better was playing with other musicians.

Sadly right now I don't have that option. I've started to play with my launch pad, but I'm still overcoming the set-up issue, though I'm close to getting things worked out. I'm mostly getting used to it, though I was a little surprised that it's not easier to layer clips in two directions. I think I just have to wrap my head a little more around the scenes and plan things out better. I have yet to play with the registered version (still mucking around with the demo so I can make sure it all works first.) Sadly my USB<->xlr box no longer works under windows 8, but I should eventually get around that issue.

I do feel a bit distracted by the whole thing, though. That I really need to be working on getting my harp playing more solid first, so I may have put the cart before the horse, but that might just be post trip talking.

I'm teaching a taiko song that I don't know, so some of my focus is being taking by that.

I'm stalled on spinning by stalls. Hopefully I'll get some time to learn the 4-beat fountain, since I think I'll pick that up quickly. I need to video my flowers to see what shape they're in. I have a feeling they don't look good yet.

I've used an awesome staples coupon to buy a windows 8 tablet for a stupidly low price so I can now play hearthstone while using the elliptical.
Tags: focus, music, spinning

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