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I've been cheap most of my life.* This has been important because I've also like to get many things, many instruments, many toys, many computers, many games and I don't regret my experiences. Some of them, like DDR turned out to be an important part of my life history.

Sometimes I wonder about when it has been a bad thing. For example a small handful of my cheap instruments have been "too cheap" and did not live up to their job. But I consider my instruments, on average a win, especially since I've been able to sell many of them for a profit.

So part of why I'm thinking about this is that I have a purchase where I don't have a lot of choices on the spectrum. Usually the price and feature sets aren't quite this disparaging. I have a choice of something at a noticeable sum, which barely will do what I want. A choice at my entire monthly luxury budget that will mostly do what I want, but if I get serious about using it, it will definitely have issues. And one at 4 months of luxury budget that has all the features, is gorgeous and has a two month waiting period. To make matters worse, I suspect each level is hand made, so a company continuing to sell them is unknown. It's also impossible to get used ones, since that's usually how I get my cheap. Now, this is a complete luxury and usually the price of the high-end one is out of the question for a single toy purchase, but I'm trying to justify it some how, but I just can't. It's just too much money. But I almost feel like getting the mid-level one is a waste of money, since it's just short of what I would eventually want if things worked out. And I feel like the low-level one is so bad I don't want to even think of getting it.

I would love to some how "earn" the money for the expensive one so that I could justify it. But I'm just not there yet.

Underneath this all is my impatience. Want NOW NOW NOW! :p So this post is mostly aimless, but hey, it's my lj. I will say I'm happy to be in a financial situation where this can be my problem.

* I am not cheap when it comes to important things, like dental fillings. I also won't call my house "cheap." Though I also won't call it lavishly expensive either.
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