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I kind of want to try my hand at making regular content for youtube. I'm still trying to figure out what I should try first. I'm not sure if I have things to say that people want to listen to, though I've been writing some scripts in my head about our commercial based economy and sharing links properly, about myths about fat people (which would requite some research) or something about being raised as a goal based person and needing to do things for the sake of doing things.

Part of what I worry about is also my ablity to make it on youtube simply because I'm a girl and not pretty. Online video content seems to require that you either be a man or a cute girl. I've been considering buying in to the facerig demo and then buying a commercial license when they make it available.

I would love to produce music and spinning videos, but that's a few years off before I have the skill to make that content. I've experimented on a second channel with making a "make music every day" video set just to get practice making things, even if they're bad, but lost a bit of momentum and I'm not sure if I should go back to it.

Even if I do go with the music route eventually, almost all the amazing musicians also talk with their audience. I think it's part of making the connection to the community, so many of the issues of having something to say come back into play.

What the successful youtubers all say is you got to learn by doing. Many of the very good ones have actually been doing it for years, though what counts as success has gotten harder as of late. Even some of the "stars" can only command a ~10,000 view audience. I'm under no delusion that I would command much of an audience, but I'd like to get enough of one have a connection and use that to build my content with.
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