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I took a trial class with CWTKD tonight.

First, this place has the best pricing structure likely that I can find anywhere, but they're a 35-40 minute drive (one way) for me. But... the classes are much longer.

The biggest problem is I could feel that this dojang was very focused one training for the sport of Taekwondo. I can't tell you what the difference was, but I could feel that something was missing and I'm afraid it might be the mental component which is my main reason for seeking a martial art, rather than just a Zumba class or alike.

That being said, their focs on the sport meant that they were teaching the current form change and were a lot more focused on breaking down a good form, which was good. I do feel a little likethe last place, even beyond the aggressive and punitive pricing structure also kind of didn't give me as much focus on getting it perfect, more just getting it good enough, but that might have been good for my confidence and my ability to be in the moment, rather than focusing on too many details and being to in my head.

There were also two things that were bad for me personally. The warm up was long enough and tricky enough that I went past the "this is fun" into that feeling where I start to hate exercise. The second is that they pushed a button from grade school. They would clap encouragingly for the last few people to finish a warm up exercise and then gave high fives. In grade school when we would have to run the mile, everyone would have to wait for me to finish and would cheer for me. They meant well, but mostly it just made me feel like my inability was in the spot light, and I hated it. I'm not sure if this colored my perception of the rest of the class or not.

They also say that they're more than a school, they're a community. I couldn't get a enough of a feel from one class (especially since I'm always super nervous first time in a new place) if I would fit in the community. They all have ties to MIT and other colleges, so theoretically it should be "my people." But I already feel like I stepped in it and I'm not sure if I want a community or not.

So it's not a complete win. I'm almost thinking of trying the 3 months of classes just because they are so affordable and one class really isn't enough to get a good feel for a school, as I've found out. Part of me wants to find a good school and stick with it, rather than going into this being pretty sure I won't continue, so I have a lot of very mixed feelings.

EDIT: for one of the exercises we were paired up and had to give each other piggie back rides. I felt so sorry for the guy I was paired with. A new way to feel ashamed of my weight.
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