Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

The search for a martial arts school continues

I'm currently taking a trial at a place pretty close (10 minutes) from me and it's a good place, fun work out, but they're mixing martial arts and not telling me "this isn't TKD" and also they're kind of throwing me in without much technique and I'm a little afraid I might hurt myself with bad technique. If I were just looking for a workout or looking to learn how to fight for real, this place would be great, but I think that I really want to learn *a* martial art and learn it right.

There's another place that I've observed a class. It's ~25 mintues up 93 in Salem. They seem really great, are much more affordable, they don't pad their belt system, they teach a weapon (more advanced of course) and have a demo team which allows adults. So there is hope. I'm looking forward to taking a trial there when my current trial ends. I'm not looking forward to telling another school they're not a good fit.

I do wonder if I'm being too picky or asking too much, but then I think "I'm looking for something that I can hopefully stick with for 3,5,10? years."

I just didn't imagine searching for going on two months now.

On the plus side, my roundhouse kick is getting pretty good.
Tags: martial arts

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