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Cell phones

I just switched to my first non-physical keyboard phone since 2000.

Ever since I was given a pager with a keyboard at Akamai I was hooked. My first keyboard phone was horrible. Made by motorola, just like the pager, but they had horribly messed up the UI and the phone wasn't usable as a phone without a headset. I think then I moved to my nokia 6800 which was an amazing phone. Great battery life and I could add my own ring tones. (It's now G's emergency cell phone, since he won't carry one.) I then moved to a nokia e70 running symbian. A we bit underpowered, but did a decent job at the time. Then t-mobile said they wouldn't allow "smartphones" on their pay as you go service, so a down graded to a Samsung t479 and fell in love with Samsung. Then I decided to take a risk and see if owning a smartphone without having a data plan made sense, and it was great. I got a Samsung Relay and I really really loved that phone. I really wish Samsung hadn't stopped supporting it (I'm a little less in love with Samsung.) I was in a bad no man's land where they had added the offline voice search, but not the ability to select which program answered the hand's free call button. I also wanted to at least consider a smartwatch (current leader is the Sony Talk SWR30) which seem to require newer android.

So I decided to get an s4 mini. This is when I bought an unlocked one from ebay, updated it to 4.4 and had it relock with no way to enter an unlock code. So I just sold that one on craigslist for what I paid for it.

I bought a second one which was the internationally factory unlocked version. It has a mild issue with the camera CCD, so I got a $50 refund and ultimately paid $105.

I just had t-mobile switch over to the differently sized sim. Thankfully this did not cause any issue with my legacy pay-as-you-go account (I asked first, but sometimes that's not enough.) It was quite smooth, however. So today is my first day officially with this new keyboard less phone!

(Crappy motorola not pictured. You can see the camera artifact at the top (the purple is more visible in dark pictures.)

It's also a little interesting that almost every phone I've ever gotten was used or imported or both. I'm super cheap, in general. Many of these phones were not "t-mobile" approved either. It's nice that t-mobile is being more welcoming to outside phones.
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