Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Chew your food

My cat is going in for much needed dental work tomorrow. I say much need because her gums got infected enough that she stopped eating and we had to get her pain killers and antibiotics to get her eating again and apparently she's already lost a tooth, which the last vet visit failed to mention.

I'm worried about her. The shelter got her spayed before they gave her to us. So this will be the longest she's been away from the house and anesthesia is always a little risky. I think most of the worry is that she had an adverse reaction to the last round of vaccines and then she had this gum infection, so she's not been terribly robust these past few weeks.

As a note, it will also be quite costly. They quoted us something in the range of ~$700. I'm expecting a little lower, since I expect the extractions to go quicker than they quoted, because of how bad shape her gums are in.

Poor girl. If she would only chew her food more. (We have to take measures to make her eat more slowly as it is, or she will eat so fast as to make herself sick.)
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