Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Not bad... for a giiiirl.

My Taekwondo school has been talking a lot about completions lately. With the exception of demo team, I do not want to compete. One of the things I hated when I was fencing was we would be required to compete as women, even if there were only two women who show up. Once we had only two sabre women's teams and to keep us from getting bored they let us fence the men. We would have come second in the men (there were about 7-8 teams if we had been allowed to actually compete with them. This problem is going to be even worse in TKD since there are also age divisions. I don't really want to win if no one shows up. And I don't really want to be best... for my physical gender and my age. That's a personal button. All my life ever accomplishment I had was always modified. "That's great! ... for someone who..." It also doesn't help that I like to avoid anything that is women only. I feel that if you're going to segregate in sports, maybe it should be by height? or strength? (a lot of sports to weight classes, but only after gender segregation) or something that is about the ACTUAL person who is competing, not by the bell curve of a group they've been lumped into.
Tags: gender, sports, taekwondo

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