Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

CP 2015

Here's what I remember from my trip.

Rougaou is not a good coaster. Iron dragon and raptor are still good. Couldn't ride too much more today because Rougaou did bad things until we ate some beaver tails which magicallt fixed us. Getting warmer pants and back to the park, but maybe no coasters tonight because of the mayflies are everywhere and I don't want one in my eye.

We went on gemini despite the bugs. Had my arm over my eyes and giggling insanly with my mouth shut.

DDDR. Drunk dance dance revolution.

Rained out tonight, so we were forced to relax in our room. Really enjoyed wicked twister and blue streak more than I thought i would. Magnum is really gotten rough over the years, especially compared to gemini, which is still a solid coaster. Didn't get to ride maverick because someone's harness wouldn't release back in the station, didn't do dragster myself, but roboman did. Road the power tkwer in likely over 25 years. Way more fun than I remembered. We walked on the beach with the storm clouds overhead and then got rained on.

I rode the maverick twice. It may be beating our the raptor as my favorite coaster now. My mom road, Millennium force With roboman, but I decided not to. roboman and I road gatekeeper just before it shut down for a technical problem. We watched the stunt show while eating more beaver tails and it was surprisingly good. We apparently missed a roll back on Top Thill Dragster and watched it for a bit disappoint not to get to see one, but knowledge that it had rolled back squashed any hope that I would get a chance to ride it this year. My mom and I didn't want to leave, even though we didn't want to ride anything else for the evening, because it is a happy place for us, so we ate on the point so we could drive away when the lights were all going. It was a good CP trip, even though all three of us took it slow.

Driving home completely wiped me out, I think partly because I didn't sleep that well at the park.
Tags: cedar point, roller coasters, trips

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