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kicking and hitting things with sticks

Despite having quit taiko, I drummed for Black Ships. We split it with Shindaiko this year, which is good, since it was super hot. I can't say my body is loving me. I'll also be teaching classes in the fall. I'm hoping I can do that without my body hating me.

I thought I was going to miss this testing, and then I went and talked to my master, which was hard and he said I wasn't kicking high enough. I explained I didn't realize that was what I was doing wrong and I could kick higher. I demonstrated and then he proceeded to test me on everything else, right there, and now I can test, but I'm still feeling like I was too whiny or something. I still have so much work to do on social skills. I am also super nervous about the test, because I want to prove I was ready.

I've been missing school of honk a fair amount, but it's been excellent when I make it. I recommend it if you're in the Somerville area and feel like playing loud music.

I'm starting to be less careful about dairy, which isn't a good thing. I miss it.

When I started TKD I wanted to try to practice patience, not being goal oriented and focus on the process. Mostly this is because these are skills I need to work on. Sadly I'm getting anxious over the fact that because of my trip mixed with choosing to do black ships, I most likely won't have prerequisites that I need for this upcoming belt test. I think know the stuff pretty well, but a combination of just the classes being focused on other things mixed with attending the Thursday morning classes (which the Master does not attend) mixed with the week I lost going to visit my mom, mixed with the week the dojang was closed has left me with only a week before the test and three prerequisites to go. I know I should just mellow, but I'm letting it stress me out.
frown emoticon
It's all about priorities, but I didn't realize my choices would put me so far behind.

I asked, as politely as I could, how I could have caught up for my belt test. He said I wasn't kicking high enough. I said, until Friday, I didn't know that was my problem and he hadn't seen me kick since then. I hope I didn't sound like I was making excuses. Short of it, I will make testing this week! I wasn't sure if I should even ask, I'm glad I did, but I'm still feeling nervous to have put myself forward like that.
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