Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Adventures in seating: DX racer console chair

Even though I'm about average height for a woman, I've always had the problem that chairs are all too tall for me. Currently I'm sitting in a child's gaming ottoman chair. DX racer is a high end gaming chair. As an office chair, it would still be too tall for me, so I decided to try their console gaming chair.

It's not bad. Greg has decided he really likes it. I'm still kind of on the fence. I think that the lumbar cushion is a bit thick for me and it's still not quite short enough. The chair is very costly, so it's hard for me to decide if I want one of my own.

In other adventures in seating, getting this chair caused us to rearrange our whole room and now we have the smaller, but less comfortable couch in the room. I was considering a reclining love seat, but not really finding what I want at either a price or quality that would work. We found something we like at Bob's Discount Furniture, but the horror stories of their quality control is enough to turn us away.
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