Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Canada trip

Just some highlights:

My niece's wedding was awesome. They're vows were the best ever, the atmosphere was wonderful, the location was amazing. Many people, including myself and my mom found more energy than we thought to dance. Watching TDK demo team where the lead is wearing a wedding dress is awesome!

My niece also helped me with TKD and we did Taeguek Sa jang together.

The weather has been completely amazing and my mom and I went for lovely walk, finding a hidden nature walk in Nepean.

My mother got her passport finally!

My sister put 71 candles on my mom's cake and she blew them all out (and nothing caught on fire.)

We saw "The Walk" which wigged out my fear of heights more than a roller coaster. It was still very enjoyable and a great use of 3D.

So many things I can't eat because of the dairy thing and mostly I don't mind, but I'm not quite getting enough calories and I do regret not being able to have the wedding cake that everyone is raving about.

The left over wedding mead was awesome.

Last minute I bought a shiny bracelet which delighted me all night, for no real reason. I was also wearing the shoes I thought were "cute" enough to buy them when I didn't need too. I got many compliments on my dress.

Someone flirted with me and called me beautiful, but they were quite drunk.

I'm sure there are other things too. Tomorrow we go to a French restaurant, which I've already phoned and asked if they can accommodate my dairy issue.
Tags: canada, taekwondo, wedding

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