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30 October 2015 @ 04:25 pm
Usually I'm better than that  
I want to write this now while I'm still upset so hopefully I can read back on this and laugh.

I gravely miscalculated how much cargo space I'm giving up. Not just all the little cubbies that the m5 had (Where I had the fire extinguisher and the first aid kit) but the fact that the read door slopes inward, such that even thought the measurement to the back of the seat is almost the same, the drum space is greatly reduced.

Now, I don't know if my future contains a car packed with drums very often, but this realization started to make me cry. So yeah, regret already.

Oh yeah, I bought the c-max.
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mathhobbitmathhobbit on October 30th, 2015 09:13 pm (UTC)

I'm sure that once you've gotten to know the car you will learn to make the most of the space it has. And if worse comes to worst, you can always borrow my car!