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Good visit, home tomorrow.

I had a really nice visit. The family dance didn't go perfectly, since I think that my Grandmother feels I snubbed her by disappearing most nights at 8 or 9, even though she sleeps at 9 and really shoudln't care. But....

Today I had the best visit with my cousin. I don't think that we've had fun like that together (we went to the cyberdome, an arcadelazer tag/climbing wall (though I didn't climb, like a ninny) place) in 5-10 years. He treated me to Lazer tag, which was so nice. I've never had so much fun wth lazer tag. Sadly I didn't beat him at any video games, except for the bemani games, (he played drum mania miserably and wouldn't go near DDR) and the Jurassic park light gun game.

I got a finally visit with my sisters, and besides beating ont he dame things we always beat on, I had so much fun. They're so neat and fun to be around. My neice is so great, I wish I could get to know her better. She's off the college soon, which means that I'll see even less of her now.

Anyway, I'm all full of warm fuzzies from the visit.

Tomorrow I head home. Hopefully the trip will go smoothly and the border crossing won't be a pain.

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