Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

After almost a week with the c-max

Update on the car after a week of getting used to it.

Nice suprises:
  • Blind spot mirrors

  • reading text messages to me (haven't gotten to use this in practice yet, but gave it a test.)

  • voice controls for USB stick of music1

  • hot day feature to lower all the windows from the key frob2

  • the regenerative braking reports and trip mileage reports.

USB with all my music

Slightly disappointing things:
  • vehicle health report is no better than looking at the dash (though maybe I don't want Microsoft's software to talk to my car's computer, so maybe it's all ok.)

  • 1voice commands for tracks doesn't work with the amount of music I have.

  • voice commands cannot control the radio... this one boggles me.

  • the sun guards and tinting at the top of the windshield isn't good enough. to protect from the sun

  • 2 apparently there is no way to put the windows back up, other than to get in the car, put the key in and put the windows up. I've be told that in most other countries there is a way to make them go back up from the frob, but it's been disabled in the U.S.

  • it's been a bit hard to adjust the seat the way I like it. I'm hoping the seat edge will soften up a little bit soon, as that's the only annoying bit. (It presses into the back of my legs.)

In general, I like the car. I like driving a hybrid. I actually kind of like all the electrical motor and regenerative brake whines. Strangely comforting to me, and I don't know why. I can't think of when I would have ridden in an electric vehicle. I am feeling the lack of cargo space already and I haven't even tried to fill it with anything large yet. The turning radius sucks, but I knew that before I bought it.

Do I wish I had spent a little longer with the m5? Yes. Do I think the C-max was the right replacement for the m5? Probably. Do I feel like this is a much nicer car than the m5? Yes. The biggest regret is the cargo space and I haven't really tested it, so for all I know it is not as bad as I fear.

As a side note, because the front foot well is a weird shape, such that generic boot mats won't work, I got the "digital fit" mats, which I'm mostly happy with, though they fit better with the OEM fabric mats out, which means I need to store those mats (I actually left in the one on the driver's side to try to give the floor a bit of height to alleviate the seat comfort issue.
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