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G and I are likely going to get a new weight machine and elliptical soon, but first we have to get rid  of the old ones.   Someone is coming to see the weight machine today, but the elliptical is a bigger issue, partly because it's heavy enough that we can't carry it down the stairs without risking our backs.    We also can't transport it easily.  The play it again sports might buy it if we can get it to them.

I'm hoping the new weight machine will make me use it more because it's a nicer machine in a lot of regards, but I also hold no disllusionment in how I opperate.

I've been also thinking of upgrading to a better DSLR that can also record movies and there's a good used one right now, but I can't seem to pull the trigger.

I've not been making videos, partly because of just things going on in life (the walk and taiko is just not letting me go), but also because video gaming started to become more of a priority for me.   I have two videos I really want to make, I just need to force myself to cut out some time for it.

I also have to get back to having lunch with friends  I don't see often enough.

I'm also hoping I'll carve out some time to get kayaking on my pond once this season.

I also have to dig more holes in my lawn beforce it gets too cold.

And I need to start running again on days that are not stupid hot.

In TDK I'm learning the 8th poomsae and I really like it so far.  I need some TDK pictures.

I am trying to get back to going to SoH regularly, espeically with Honk Fest coming up.

I've been toying with the idea of making a website advertising myself as a handpan player, just because it's good ambiance music and no one will ask me to play a specific song on it.   I don't know how good/bad and idea this would be.

My new therapist continues to be awesome.  She's also very enthusasitc about helping me.  Apparently she gets to give me homework she doesn't usually give out. 
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