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Time for Arisia depression

It's that time again when most of my friends disappear to a con. I grew up in cons and had fun for years (in Ottawa fandom) and I'm not going. I was bored last time I went. It was expensive and I just didn't have fun. I think to do it properly I would have to get a hotel room and pretend that I was 500 miles from home, not just a T ride away.
There is so much there that feels just out of reach.
An art show that I'm too scared to gamble on trying to sell my stuff in, hall costuming, which I would love to do again, but haven't been costuming enough lately to really have something. I'm not sure how well the Devil Zukin costume would go over.

I wish I could find away to enjoy cons again.

I hope those who are going have fun, and it's really not a big deal, it's just something I wanted to state for the record.

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