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Sax good news, bad news

So I just found out that the soprano sax is a Bb instrument, which means I can mostly use my clarinet lesson books to have music to practice with. Since the fingerings are kind like flute, I can kinda sort of sight read. I'm slow, but then I would be slow on the flute too. But it means that on an instrument I've been essentially picking up by applying clarinet and flute to it, I can sight read. It's like instantly knowing something, and that's really cool.

The bad news is that I'm have a terrible time with my notes before low E. This is where my applied knowledge fail. Something about clarinet is screwing me up on relaxing enough to get the low notes with out loosing control. Poor greg had to sit through the squaking.

Now the question is how badly will I embrass myself when I try a Jazz band on Thursday. I'm having a feeling I'll be asking for the music and a room far far away from them to get the hang of it. :/ I really want this to work. I want more music in my life and I know if something would like a fire under my behind I would be able to learn sax decently, not wonderfully, but decently. Just in the practice tonight I could see some improvement.

Maybe fear will get me to practice for the next few days.

Poor greg.

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