Someone I am is waiting for my courage (forgotten_aria) wrote,
Someone I am is waiting for my courage

Day 6 (Feb 8th)

So... dry. Mark Colorado Springs off my list of "places I'd be happy to live."
Chemical residue on Denny's water glass burns through my lip three times. The first time, I try to figure out where it's coming from, the second time I think it's just chapped lips cracking from the hot tea, cold water, and dry air, the third time, I know it's a chemical burn and it's from the water glass. I ask for a new glass and warn them that it's a problem. I get a new water glass, but I don't really get assurance that they will be more careful in the future, or assurance that they think I'm crazy. I get to remember this for a few days until my lip heals.
Suede walmart pants! $9.
Interesting marriage service, gorgeous dress choices, especially the mother of the bride and the bride's maids. The bride's hair was amazing.
"I'm a tree... but it's raining!"
Don't know if I embarrassed myself with the dancing, the mention that they played 3 DDR songs and 2 of my favorite Karaoke songs.
I can bounce longer than anyone else! but I hurt days latter.

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