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I'm home.

The rest of my travel log will come later, but here's today.
Security seems to be somewhat airline dependant, but I only have 4 data points.
I thank katybeth for the decongestants.She is so smart. (cat I'm sick)
The most horrible expeience in Logan ever! A carosel form the 1960s, luggage not arriving for almost 40 minutes.
Stupid woman almost got hit by the blue line. Standing, staing at the train comething, inches from teh edge and her bag over hanging the track over a foot. The T drive didnt' honk until he was only about 5 ft away from her, going what ever the blue line goes in the airport station (fast enough.)
The green line was SO slow.
I missed the 88 and so I took the 87 and walked. Luckily I had bought replacement gloves in COS, which sufficed.

Not I'm going to sit on the couch with my kitty and my husband and Be warm and vegitative.

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