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Day 10 (Feb 12th)

(last travel log post)
Yummy thai food, nice walk, spent to much on silly mobile puzzle toy.
(I can't decide if the rest of this should be behind my TMDDR, but enh, I'll make an exception.)
Met dr4b downtown to get a ride to Illusions.
I was already sniffly and sick and I was hoping that this won't effect my ability to DDR. It turned out ok. The crowd was just big enough I got to see some amazing stuff, but small enough that I got to play a bunch of Extreme (which was really fun, thank you Deanna.) I passed a bunch of 8 foot songs sight reading, which I'm not sure that I've ever done in the arcade (usually I fail sight reading 7 footers in the arcade) this made me happy, but it felt like a hollow victory because, as Deanna warned, it was a really intimidating environment. People would just stop in the middle of songs because they broke their full combo and it wasn't worth playing any more. And these were hard songs. I got to watch two people do Max300 maniac together, it was beautiful to hear the rhythm being pounded out by two people together. Amazing to watch. I sort of got used to the bar hugging and it stopped looking weird. I got to play Wonderland, La senorita virtual and Stomp to my beat on 6 panel. They were all way fun and made me sad that they aren't on home mixes. I don't like the arcade six panel controller. Feels like it's falling apart. Deanna covered me on Keyboard Mani so I could try it. I sucked but it was fun. I think that I'll buy the home version when I get a chance. I played a little Drum Mania (I really need to play more of that once my drum set comes back from being in Mazer mode) I played PPP I didn't know the routines, but I had fun anyway. I was actually sort of too easy because it's designed for routines now and so they'd gotten rid of hard songs. The boards are reset each night so I got to practice entering 12lb, which looks more like weight than a name. Katy played and had fun. The crowds got small enough later that I got to cover her on Extreme, which was fun. My feet had about given out by then, but I also played one round of double, which I did horribly at.

I failed all the 9 foots I tried, didn't even come close to passing them at all, but oh well, it was fun trying. I screwed up cow girl badly. IT was supposed to be my comfort song! Grrr. I full comboed some song, I'm fairly sure I got all the freeze arrows and I got more perfects than greats by a fair amount and it gave me a B. That was also frustrating.

I LOVE my jazz boots. I tried over an edge twice but I might be able to blame the Cobalt Flux pads for that more than the boots. I also had some soft touches that didn't trigger the arrow that I can blame on the CF pads too.

I was so buzzing after we left. I was so happy. DDR makes me so happy! Thank you Deanna for taking me there, thank you Katy for coming with us. Thank you konami for giving me a wonderful thing in my life that is both good for me and makes me happy. I have strong calves and get aerobic exercise. Whee! It's so simple, but they did it well so it's vaguely addictive and just plain fun.

I was buzzing and bounce and just so happy! YAY!

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