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forgotten_aria's Journal

Someone I am is waiting for my courage
The first thing you should know is my spelling is horrid. It's been a
bane of my existsance all my life and I'm quite bitter about it, so if
you are going to read my posts, it's best you develop a mental filter
to automatically decypher both my spelling and my typos.

I know a little about many things and a lot about nothing.

I have three subdivisions of my friends list that friends can ask to
be on, so let me know if you are on my friends lists and you want to
hear me babble about MOORPGs, DDR and/or my current diet
efforts. I have separate lists for each.

These are all the lj icons I've ever made. Please ask before copying,
since some of them are actually my orginal art or photos.

Warcract characters, because I've spent too much time playing warcraft: