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computers hate me

My laptop is having powersupply issues. I'm hoping it's just a break in the wire. I've ordered a 3rd party powersupply from ebay for $8. I'm hoping that's not a mistake, but the on brand is about $60. I love this laptop, but it's hinge is also showing the early signs of seizing.

Ah well. Hopefully it will last until I have budget again. At least these are reasonably minor problems.
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thermal paste

I installed the replacement motherboard and it seems like it's fixed the problem. I need to burn in the computer a bit more before I completely rejoice, but so far, yay!

I learned how to install a processor and it's paste today, which is something I was super afraid to do and technically it was on their dime, so maybe all the pain was worth something after all.
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More on the computer

So apparently, despite the evil reviews, the tech support at cyberpowerpc doesn't suck as much as I feared. They're going to send out a new motherboard and pay for all the shipping (even for the return of the one I have now.) The guy, though not easy to get a hold of, has been very forthcoming and helpful. He also usually response within 24 hours, so it's not completely impossible to move things along.

So there is hope yet. I'm glad that this is a case where I plan on doing with out if it doesn't work out, since that gives me a lot of patience to work this all out. Sadly the new motherboard will come while I'm in Canada, so I will have to wait to get back to see if that fixes things.
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and.... fail

New computer, installed WoW, froze reliably shortly after logging in. try reseating everything, now the mother board beeps with what we think is "can't find video card" error beep.

So I gambled. I lost.